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Sustainable Urbanism Beyond Stockholm: Harvard’s Ed Glaeser talks at KTH

Last month KTH – Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm had the distinction of installing world-leading Harvard scholar, Edward Glaeser, as an Honoury Professor. To mark the occasion Ed Glaeser visited KTH and gave a lecture titled: Cities and the Post Urban World. The recording is available here: As always, Professor Glaeser gave a sparkling performance spinning data, method innovations and insights … Continue reading “Sustainable Urbanism Beyond Stockholm: Harvard’s Ed Glaeser talks at KTH”

DIY Urbanism from a Global Perspective

The KTH Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment blog has been exploring a powerful urban force, DIY Urbanism, over the past few weeks. DIY Urbanism is about local people taking initiative towards and responsibility for the development of their own neighbourhoods. KTH’s Karin Bradley’s  gave an introduction to the topic in this post. A challenge to how we understand … Continue reading “DIY Urbanism from a Global Perspective”

Sustainable Homes in an Urban Future

Until recently most of us could take it for granted that we would have somewhere to live, a place to call home. We had shared ideas about how that home would look – perhaps a large-windowed apartment downtown or a small timber-framed house in the suburbs, with a lawn and obligatory trampoline. We looked forward … Continue reading “Sustainable Homes in an Urban Future”