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Smartness as an enabler of life

KTH – Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm has invested in a major push around the topic of smart and sustainable cities.  Smart cities have been discussed for several years, the Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment asks what’s new in the university’s approach. It’s refreshing to talk with Dr Olga Kordas from KTH about the future … Continue reading “Smartness as an enabler of life”

Asking questions about DIY Urbanism

The first blog in this series looked at what DIY Urbanism is, the second at what’s going on in DIY Urbanism in Sweden, and the third on international trends in DIY Urbanism. This final blog post in the series reflects on the role of research in DIY Urbanism. It also explores some of the research … Continue reading “Asking questions about DIY Urbanism”

An Incremental Approach to Re-Making the Million Homes

In this week’s video blog, KTH architect Erik Stenberg discusses the contribution research can make to the renovation of Stockholm’s “Million Homes” housing areas that were built during the 1960’s and 70’s. An Incremental Approach Erik’s research on the original plans for the Million Homes housing blocks helped him appreciate how apartments could be re-shaped … Continue reading “An Incremental Approach to Re-Making the Million Homes”

Stockholm’s Post War Housing: a Source of Sustainability for the City

Over the next few weeks, the KTH Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment’s blog will look at Sustainable Homes from a rage of different perspectives based on the work of researchers at KTH. In this first post, Erik Stenberg from the KTH School of Architecture introduces us to Stockholm’s Million Homes project areas and asks us to reassess … Continue reading “Stockholm’s Post War Housing: a Source of Sustainability for the City”

Sustainable Homes in an Urban Future

Until recently most of us could take it for granted that we would have somewhere to live, a place to call home. We had shared ideas about how that home would look – perhaps a large-windowed apartment downtown or a small timber-framed house in the suburbs, with a lawn and obligatory trampoline. We looked forward … Continue reading “Sustainable Homes in an Urban Future”