KTH at SJTU Study Abroad Fair 2016

On the 26th of October 2016, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) held their first Study Abroad Fair in the New Library on Minhang campus. KTH staffs and exchange students were on-site to talk about Sweden and the exchange opportunities to KTH.


From the left: Urban Westergren (Professor, School of Information and Communication Technology), Johan Karlander (Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Communication), Cristina Al-Khalili Szigyarto (Researcher, School of Biotechnology), Yingfang He (Regional Advisor for China, Public Relations Office), Sai Man Wong (Manager, Swedish Center at SJTU), Benny Tieu (Student, School of Computer Science and Communication), Maximilian Scholz (Student, School of Information and Communication Technology) and Emil Juzovitski (Student, School of Information and Communication Technology).

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Swedish Business for a Sustainable Future

On the 26th of May, several Swedish companies had gathered for a panel discussion on sustainability. In the audience were KTH-alumnies, students from SJTU and other interested parties.

First Göran Finnveden began by talking about the developments at KTH and the research that KTH does for a sustainable development.

The companies and their speakers all had their own perspecitve on sustainability, from how to engage disabled people back to society to sustainable food to how to be sustainable within heavy industry.


After the panel discussion the audience engaged with the companies with their own questions.

Companies participating were SKF, Alfa Laval, Permobil, KRAV and Blueair.


Sensing Energy Exhibition

Right now being exhibited at Shanghai Jiao Tong University is an exhibition of a research project at KTH. The research project involves architects and designers. The exhibition shows how design and architectures explores solutions for a sustainable future.


“One problem with todays concept of Green Building is that it is simply the same type of architecture and design as previously but with some green or some green feature added on top. This type of Green Buildings does nothing to change our current unsustainable life,  and we would like to see how design and architecture could lead to behavior changes, nudges us to a more sustainable behavior” says Camilla Andersson, researcher at KTH.

The exhibition will be displayed at the Wenxuan building 27th of May to the 3rd of June and in the Main library of SJTU 3rd of June to 10th of June.

Clothing Swap

On the 25th of May, Swedish Center held a Clothing Swap along with volunteers from the School of Environmental Science and Engineering.IMG_5792

The rules were simple, you hand in your clothes and you get a ticket that you can swap for other clothes that have been handed in. More than 100 pieces had been collected in advance and a lot of students showed up who were really excited by this initiative of promoting a more sustainable future.

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Sustainable Sweden?

On the 26th of May, Swedish Center is organizing a panel discussion and networking event on “Swedish Business for a Sustainable future” in Xuhui Campus.


We are engaging with several Swedish companies on how they work for a Sustainable future to answer the question whether Swedish businesses are truly Sustainable.

26th of May, 19:00 – 21:00

Room 102, Haoran Building, Xuhui Campus, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

We will keep you updated!