The Amazing Nobel Nightcap!

As you probably heard, the Nobel Prize was just a few days ago, on December 10th. From the pictures, I can tell that it was a night of golden glamor, red carpets, and celebrities. Nice, huh? But I am not here to talk about the Nobel Prize, as I did last week. This time I want to talk about the Students Nobel Night Cap. And I promise it is way more fun.

What is the Students Nobel Nightcap?

It is simple: the Night Cap is an after party for the Nobel banquet.It all began with a smart observation: the Nobel Banquet probably is kind of boring. Yes, yes, it is one of the most glamorous nights of the year, full of fancy clothes, red carpet saloons and stuff like that. But if you get rid of this and what’s left? A dinner party that ends at midnight. An amazing one, that’s true. But a dinner party indeed.

Just a dinner party.

Well, then this guy (he was from Stockholms University, I think) decided to change things and throw an after party. Great idea, everybody will love it, right? Well, not the Nobel Foundation, who denied giving any contact or guest list. Our brave tenacious student, however, was decided to make it happen. And he called, called, and called. Until the day he got lucky: it was somebody’s first day at the office, and this person happily gave the guest list away.

And from this tiny mistake, the Nobel Nightcap was born and has been going on every year since 1976.

How did I got involved in it?

Every year, one of the biggest 4 universities in Stockholm (KTH, Stockholms University, Karolinska and one that I, unfortunately, can’t remember)  is responsible for hosting the Nightcap. Lucky me, this year it was KTH’s turn, which means that our Student Association would be responsible for that, and in consequence, a lot of KTH’s students got into it, around 400, if I am not mistaken.

And when I say the students get involved, I really mean it. In the end, we were responsible for every single detail, and there are quite a few of them. It is a huge party for 2000 people, in KTH Restaurant, which means we got to dress the whole building according to the theme. In 10 days, we make the Nymble unrecognizable, recreating rooms, redecorating, painting, creating stages, putting up lights, and so on.

8 am, -4 celsius, nice time to build an outdoor stage, huh?

And during the party itself, the students were also the whole crew. Bartenders, waiters, cleaning personal, make-up artists, security, logistics, and so on. I was in the Entertainment Team, as an Artist Host, which mean I was responsible for taking care of a group of artists.

It was one of the craziest weeks of my life, with 3 six-hour construction shifts (combined with work and regular classes), and a 24-hour work weekend, since I got there on Saturday lunch and just left on Sunday, after building stuff, hosting artists and reconstructing Nymble once again (remember the 10-days construction? It had to be undone in less than 10 hours).

Tiring? No doubt about it. But an amazing opportunity to be a little part in the whole Nobel Prize. Yes, it is unofficial, but it is a tradition, and I am really happy to have been a part of it.


How was this year’s NightCap?

Well, I don’t know. As I told you, I was working the whole night!

But even working, I can tell you that it was a hell of a party.  I was told that there were prominent Swedish people (politicians, ministers, and so on), maybe some Royal Family, and also 5 Nobel Laureates. I want to believe this is true, but I have to admit I could not recognize any of them anyway.

This year’s theme was games. So people could enjoy 35 rooms decorated with Mario Kart, Battlefield, Minecraft, Monopoly, Pokemon. Also some special themes, like Warcraft (with a Pyro-Circus Show), a 80’s themed Arcade and Legend of Zelda saloon. In short, every single part of the building was dedicated to a different game.

Squirtle, attack!

Roll the dice!

No pictures policy

As I said, the party is planned for high-profile guests. So the organization holds a no picture policy. It was meant to make people more comfortable, and I think it was really good. The only downside is that all of my pictures are pre-party, during construction week. But still, I hope you like them. (I plan to update this post as soon as we get pictures from the official photographer)





The Sims living room. Sorry for the blur.

A Diablo Church! Amazing place 🙂

Warcraft stage. Yep, people performed on a frozen night.

Who does not love Mario?

DeerHunt lodge.

This was the clothing for performing outside.

A knight, a coral reef. Things need to get done 🙂

THIS is a cake.