New year, new house.

If you are moving to Stockholm, one of your primary concerns will be finding a place to live. As I wrote before, in this post, the housing situation here is super complicated, and even a European Commision asked for the Government to take some action about it. And if you are an international student, you most likely will end up living in an apartment from SSSB, which is the agency that takes care of housing students.

It is definitely your case if you are a fee-paying student (or under a scholarship), but since I applied as a European Citizen, I had no help with finding a place to live. So, for the past year and a half, I managed my way through the nightmarish housing market, with some cool (but expensive) places to live.

Yesterday, however, things changed: after more than 500 days on the queue I managed to get an apartment from SSSB. It is a small kitchenette, but my monthly costs will nosedive. Our idea is that we now will manage to save some money and travel a bit. Let’s see how it work out.

I wanted to share it with you, so you can see what a public student apartment looks like and what might be expecting you over here.

Click on read more and take a look!

This is my new place:

Cool right?

Unfortunately, it is fake. That is a random pic from the internet. The SSSB apartments are ok, but indeed, don’t have a fireplace or a freakish big living room like this. This is my actual new place:

It is a small 20m2 apartment, but at least we got our own kitchen and bathroom. It is really common for students to live in “rooms in a corridor” kind of places, with shared kitchens and facilities, but since we are 2 (my girlfriend and I), it is illegal for us to live in such apartment.

And we got a beautiful view of the city. During the summer it will be great!

Also, it is a brand new building, called Stryx. SSSB already have one structure there, but just built two new. So I am the first one to ever rent it, which is really cool.

I just guess it is strange that the corridor is open. Of course, it is good during summer, but don’t people know winters can be harsh over here?

But the best is for the first time I will have my own name in my mailbox. It is not a big deal, but feels great!

Now it is a matter of getting furniture and decorating. Both Rafaela and I are super excited about it, as we will have much more freedom to make the apartment like we want it to be. One trip to IKEA and we are already full of ideas. I update you on that, as I think it will look great!

See? SSSB apartments are cool, and I am eager to move there (though I have 1 month in my current apartment still). Hope you manage to find a nice place for yourself also 🙂