Israel x Palestine Conflict: Hearing from an Insider

Moving to Sweden has opened many doors for me, and I have been able to take part in things that I had never crossed my mind. Helping with Nobel Prize after-party, working with prostate cancer research, hosting a crayfish party, when in Brazil would I even imagine doing any of those? Never.

Well, one of those things happened again today. I just got home from a lecture with Her Excellency Hala Husni Fariz, the Ambassador of the Palestine State.

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Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Stockholm (UF Stockholm)

A couple of weeks ago, Adrian, a friend of mine, marked himself as interest in “Pizza and Mingle with UF” on Facebook, which would happen at Stockholms University. I clicked on the event to check what was going on, and it didn’t say much. The UF thing was also dizzy, and all I could see it was something to do with Foreigners Affairs. Well, free pizza, I got to check out, right?

No one can resist pizza.

Getting there, I finally managed to understand what Utrikespolitiska Föreningen is.

The name is hard to say, and maybe a bit scary, but it translates as Foreign Policy Association. UF is a group of people, mostly students, interested in international affairs (and in diplomatic careers, apparently). The Association then organizes events with leaders and scholars to discuss what is happening in this big blue round rock we call Earth. That include lectures, visits to embassies, and international trips (for example, last year some members went to Trump’s Inauguration in Washington).

If you are into politics and international affair, I guess it is a good idea to become a member. It costs only 50kr a full year and you have access to every event. I’m saying that with my long 4 days membership experience, but the prospects are good.

As any good Swedish event, they offer fika!

Israel Palestine Conflict Week

Apparently, UF hosts lots of theme weeks, and this was Israel-Palestine relations turn. The members went to both embassies and had a talk from representatives of them. I couldn’t attend the visits, nor the Israeli presentation, but today I manage to go to Hala Husni Fariz talk.

Fun fact, back in 90’s she was the Palestine Representative in Brazil, where she took her Master. In Brasília, of course, far far away from my city, but anyway, cool.

The talk took around 1 hour and Mrs. Fariz covered briefly the history of Palestine from after the I World War, to the establishment of Israel and the beginning of the conflict, to how things are today. Since the focus here is not the politics of Middle East (and the subject can easily get heated), I won’t go into details. But while I listened, I started wondering what was Sweden’s stance on the matter, and found this, if you are also interested.

However, all I want with this post is for you to think how cool it is to have the opportunity of casually hearing from high officials of both countries their side of the story. As I said, had I not moved to Stockholm that would never happen.

If you want to learn more about the subject, this might be a good start:

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