Meet Benjamin

This past couple of months have been a wild ride. I moved to a new place, where my girlfriend and I finally feel like “ours”. It feels good, but includes moving and a lot of hassle. My thesis went from nosediving into chaos to ending up pretty well (as I write this I have just submitted the final document). And now, the most surprising of all of this: I got a dog.

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Benjamin.

Who is Benjamin?

Getting a dog definitely wasn’t an impulse decision, but something that has been cooking for a while. We needed to be living in a place that accepts animals and a long-term contract, to prevent the challenge of finding a place that would take Benjamin in. And we needed steady incomes and a routine, so we know we can pay for everything. So now, as I am wrapping up my studies it looked like time. Then we met Benji.

His mom was rescued in Ireland, pregnant with 7 or 8 puppies. She is a Welsh Springer Spaniel and the father is probably a Setter, though no one is sure.







He is still a puppy, only 4 months. That means he got lots of energy to spare and still a little dummy, playing around everywhere. To be honest, his size, he was the biggest of the batch that came with him, worries me about his final size, as I am living in a small apartment. But there is time until that becomes an issue.

The day he arrived in Stockholm.

Ok, just to make one thing clear: I got a dog because I have no plans on leaving Stockholm in the near future. I like the city and I’m staying, so I’m slowly growing roots here. If you are a student, it is irresponsible to do so, right?

Hundar Utan Hem

I just wanted to talk a little about these guys at Hundar Utan Hem, which translated to “dogs without a home”. They are an NGO that brings dogs from abroad to Sweden. Why?, you ask. Because in places like Ireland and Spain dogs are sacrificed if they stay too long on a shelter. So NGOs like Hundar Utan Hem does all the bureaucracy for you to adopt them.

And it is a long process, they take it very seriously. For us to get Benji, we needed to answer a long form with questions such as “What is leadership?”, “What does it means when a dog barks?”; we also have one phone interview and another at our place. Their argument for this rigorousness is that often the dogs have been through a lot already, so they need to make sure this is the “right” home for him. Also, it is not free, as you need to pay for transport, vaccines, etc. But it is worth it.

If you have plans to get a dog, or even be a temporary home, get in touch with them.

The First Week

We got Benjamin last Thursday, so we are quite new to one another. But it has been a lovely experience. Of course, it can be exhausting and demanding, we have to think about him when we want to go out, but so far, so good. We still need to join a course and train him, as it would be good both for him and us. However, it is nice that he is already getting used to us. He respects our sleeping routine and when I sit down to work, like now, he lays under the table and relaxes.

Here are some more pictures:

He basically dies whenever I sit down to work.

Hope you liked it!


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  1. Daniel

    Wow, cute one! Great to hear that you are staying as well, it is indeed a nice city, isn’t it? 🙂

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