Blog Summary!

Here you can find a list of all the posts I did, with a short description. This will help you navigating around. If you want me to write about something, just tell me and I see what I can do 🙂

Do You know Who You Are Talking To? A little presentation about myself.

Studying at KTH

It’s Time to Apply! Tips on how to write a good motivation letter.

Nuclear Power Underground (and Madonna) A post about the old nuclear reactor at KTH, its history, and current use. Oh, also about Madonna recording there.

Paying the Bill: looking for scholarships Some tips on finding funding for your studies at KTH.

Ready for the Semester! Here you can have a glimpse on what kind of course you take when you study Interactive Media Technology at KTH.

Lifesaving Apps A list of must-have apps so your student life in a new country gets easier.

It’s your time to Spaceflight A presentation of the KTH free course on Spaceflight, with the first ever Swedish astronaut.

The Residence Permit What does it take to get your residence permit and how is the process.

A nice little project A small project I made for the Information Visualization course.

Good Without Borders About my experience in the Engineers Without Borders at KTH.

House Hunting in Stockholm Tips and explanations about the hellish housing market of Stockholm.

The Road to KTH A step-by-step guide to the application process.

Happening at KTH: Cool Projects, Cool Companies A quick overview of Interaction Design projects and the Media Business Day

Mission IX: The Advanced Graphics Exhibition When I went to the final exhibition of the Advanced Graphics Course, full of AR and VR projects.

Campus 100: the talks & KTH Campus; 100 Years Two posts about the KTH Main Campus and the 50-hour marathon organized to celebrate it.

Students Wanted: companies relations at KTH KTH has a close relationship with the business world. I wrote about that.

Ready for the Semester & How My Semester Will Look Like Something about courses I took and course choices.

A Night at the Fireworks Every year there is a huge firework event at KTH. I went there.

Spring Exhibition Some projects that were shown at the end of the Spring Semester Exhibition

Thinking About Coins Well, I did this project about coins. Yes, 6 months only on coins.

Doctor’s appointment: showing my work at Karolinska Institut. I never imagined I would work with prostate cancer. Until I did.

The Swedish Life

I Have This Thing With Christmas An overlook on the Swedish Christmas Markets and how the best season of the year goes around here.

Julbord in 5 Acts The first-person account on a Julbord, the traditional Swedish feast swedes have.

It’s Almost Nobel Time! Learn the History of one the Swedish biggest award.

Sankta Luciatåg! What I saw when I went to a Lucia Concert, a super traditional Swedish celebration.

Nästan Nyårsafton How do Swedes celebrate the New Years? Check this out.

Dealing With Stuff How do Swedes recycle and take care of trash.

Melodifestivalen: sing your way to the top About the Melodifestivalen, the qualifier for the Eurovision Songcontest, something that the Swedes take way too seriously.

Giving Back: volunteering in Sweden About volunteering and how to find volunteering opportunities in Sweden.

The Bright Hans Rosling About the brilliant Hans Rosling and his Gapminder project.

Sweet Side of Sweden The unique prinsesstårta, the official Swedish cake.

TV Time: Welcome to Sweden About Welcome to Sweden, a must-see show for those coming to KTH.

Fettisdag: the Fat Tuesday! About the day where you can send your diet away!

Teeny-Tiny Stockholm A nice video about Stockholm

What is happening in Sweden? People say a lot of stuff about Sweden. How much of it is true?

Spooky Stockholm Halloween time in the Capital of Scandinavia!

Allemansrätten: The Most Swedish Law In Sweden the land belongs to everyone. Just reading to understand.

8 Things I Wish I Had Been Told About the Swedish Winter The winter is coming, but it is not that bad.

Football Night Attending to Sweden x Luxembourg for the Russia 2018 Qualifiers

Kanelbullen Dag: All About the Swedish Cinnamon Bun!

Throwing a Crayfish Party (being a foreigner) The Crayfish Party is one of the most Swedish Events. And I organized one myself.

Good Without Borders & Good Without Borders, pt. II I was part of the Engineers Without Borders. And these 2 posts were about it.

Time for Some Swedish Music Sweden is a pop music powerhouse. Here I give some tips on awesome Swedish music.

Summer in Stockholm How to spend the long summer days in the capital

Midsommar in Sweden Midsommar is the most Swedish celebration ever. It is fantastic!

Live at Gröna Lund An amusement park with some of the best live music you can find.

11 Reasons to Move to Sweden: Analyzed People say lots of things about Sweden. Are they all true?

Looking for Jobs How to find a job in Stockholm

Sweden’s own Solar System Sweden has the biggest model of the Soldar System in the galaxy.

Touristing Around

A Day in Uppsala A sort of travel guide to Uppsala, the ancient Viking city just around Stockholm.

The Creepingly Interesting Moderna Museet My visit to the Moderna Museet, the national modern art museum. There was a Pringles over a matchbox.

Surprised by Turku A travel guide to Turku, the oldest city in Finland. Oh, I also tell you how it is to go on a cruise!

You can’t get much more Swedish than Runmarö An amazing day on the Stockholm Archipelago.