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VR Sci Fest 2018

I often say that, if you look well enough, you will find something cool happening at KTH. I already wrote about the Sustainable Week, lunch concerts, job fairs, and lunch lectures. If you are really invested in it, you probably can go to a cool event every day in your academic experience.

Last Friday I had another proof of it: the VR Sci Fest. Take a look how it went!


The Festival is a two-day event which happened for the second year in a row. Promoted by KTH, this year’s edition had the theme “Virtual City”, and was exploring how place and space can be affected by immersive technologies. To do so, there we many companies showcasing their research and solutions in terms of VR and AR. And when I say many companies, they vary a lot. From Scania and its trucks to the Opera House to Ericsson to Universities.

But it is not only an exhibition. The event also included a series of lectures and talks with top-notch researchers and entrepreneurs; workshops, or Labs, to explore how VR/AR can affect a wide-range of areas; a Hackathon where students could win VR Sets; a VR Movie Festival; and a Kids Event. As you can see, lots to do and much to learn in a variety of ways.

Unfortunately, given to the coming deadline of my Master Thesis, I could not enjoy the event as much as I wanted to. However, I manage to go there and snap some pictures to you:

Solving the European Health Insurance Card

Know that the results are in, it is time to start making your KTH Dream become a reality. And it means there is a lot to be done. Finding airplane tickets, take care of visas and permits, look for a place to stay, and a lot more. However, there has been a question that popped more than once on my email, regarding the European Health Insurance Card. I know it only applies to a particular student profile, those that hold an EU Passport but don’t live in Europe.  It is a situation I have been through, so I decided to write about it and try to clarify some things.

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Making the Best of Your Sektion

At KTH, everyone belongs to a Sektion, that is, to a student chapter. It is the student organization responsible for putting in place everything related to student life regarding parties, trips, job fairs, events to a specific school within the University. No one is required to engage with their chapter, but I highly recommend new students to do so.

I know it is harder for Internationals to join in. Lots of people are in the 5-year program and interact with the Chapter since day 1, all of them speak Swedish, and it might be hard to blend in. However, it is a fantastic way to meet people, have fun, and unwind during the most stressful times. Because as we all learned from The Shining:

And today I will show you a little of the Mediasektioner. Check it out!

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Osquarsgalan: My First KTH Gasque

Back in Brazil, I attended a small private school with the reputation of being “really serious.” They would never enforce student organizations or activities, so there was no academic life beyond the classroom. Things there seems to be changing, luckily, but this is not what I want to talk about.

The fact is that, previously to KTH, I had no experience with chapters and “student life.” But here things are different, and often you can find me at my chapter bar (the META), or playing with the sports association. For me, this has been a way to integrate and meet new people, as well as an excellent way to relax with classmates.

This past Saturday, I did a new thing, though: I attended to my first Gasque.

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What to Do When You Got Accepted to KTH

Ladies and Gentleman, the results are in: KTH have already sent the answer all the applicants. All the time spent gathering documents and recommendation letters, translating papers, and finding your way through the Swedish Application system came to that single email that lies in your inbox, hopefully, with a WELCOME in fat bold letters.

Anyway, the result came out in a Friday, so you already had time to celebrate and spread the world. Now it is time to get down to business and see what you should do next. Let’s do this?

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