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Israel x Palestine Conflict: Hearing from an Insider

Moving to Sweden has opened many doors for me, and I have been able to take part in things that I had never crossed my mind. Helping with Nobel Prize after-party, working with prostate cancer research, hosting a crayfish party, when in Brazil would I even imagine doing any of those? Never.

Well, one of those things happened again today. I just got home from a lecture with Her Excellency Hala Husni Fariz, the Ambassador of the Palestine State.

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Good Without Borders, pt. II

A few months ago I wrote about taking part in a project from the Engineers Without Borders, something that had never ever crossed my mind before. Yes, coming together with fellow students to actually do something good. Building wind turbines in rural Tanzania, in our case.

You can read about it here.

Well, the project is now over. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to Tanzania, as I had other summer projects going on. But the team did! 4 people flew from Sweden and spent something around a month in Tanzania, building wind turbines that will help to power a local school.

It was a great project, and I’m proud of taking part in it.

They will soon open registrations for a next batch, so if I were you I would keep an eye on their Facebook page and join if you can:

As for now, I wanted to share some pictures the team took down there 🙂

*** There is a Engineers Without Borders Event tomorrow, September 28th. If you can make it:


Jonatan, Matias, Danja, and Agne. Our team 🙂

It was a long way between Dar El Salam and Singida

The school dormitory that is now powered by wind energy.

Two of the Students in the Village


Doctor’s appointment: showing my work at Karolinska Institut.

I probably mentioned it already, but I graduated in Marketing/Communication and have always worked with Advertising. |I have nothing to do with medicine or doctors. And yet, yesterday I was at a medical conference at the Karolinska Institut presenting a project I did this semester. I could never imagine that. And we did great. Let me tell you about CAT, the Cohort Analysis Tool.



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Mobile After Life?

One of my goals while studying at KTH is to get closer to the Academia. Maybe even become a researcher myself. So when I heard there would be an open event of the Mobile Life Centre, an internet research think tank, I knew I had to be there. Sadly, this was the last event of the Mobile Life Centre I will ever attend. No, I did not misbehave and got banned. What happens is that the Centre is closing for good, and this was a celebration of everything that happened in the past 10 years, as well as some discussions for the future. It was amazing. Keep reading 🙂


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Good Without Borders

Moving to Sweden was a big decision. I left friends, family, and job behind, with the intention of making things different in a completely new country to me. And one of the things I decided the minute I stepped onto Arlanda airport was to make the most of it. That’s why I try to take part in as many projects and activities I can, which generally ends up in me doing things I have never expected. Throwing a party to Nobel Nominees, for example.

Well, but not everything is partying, right? So this week I am going to write about Wind Power for Tanzania, an Engineers Without Borders project I am a part of.


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