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Climate hypocrisy? The researchers are making things worse with their flying.

Svenska Dagbladet (one of the larger Swedish dailies) is running a debate piece today on the unsustainable travel habits of researcher, written by Johan Gärdebo, Kristoffer Soldal, Mattias Höjer and David Nilsson – as part of the KTH/EHL initiative Travelling Without Borders.

It is in Swedish. In short we are arguing that researchers who want to contribute to a more sustainable world are on average emitting 2 tonnes of CO2-equivalents per year only through their work-related flying, which is the upper limit for total per capita emissions to stay below 2 degrees warming. We encourage the research community to face up to this fact, to lead the way towards a more sustainable practice and a new logic of knowledge production that is not dependent on the jet engine.

Feel free to engage in debate on this topic here on this site!