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A shop window for the support services

The key to fit and functioning support services at a university is the right person with the right skills doing the right thing at the right time to support education and research of high quality. Is it really that simple, or maybe that difficult more like?This is what I am going to discuss and air here every fortnight.

I am absolutely convinced in dialogue and communication as the path to change and development. This is often one of the success factors when you need to persuade organisations that movement is needed. Ideally, I would like to go round and talk to everyone at the schools, divisions and departments, but appreciate that this is not practical in such a large organisation as ours. Blogging can be one way of communicating, but in which case, it is just as important that you as readers use the comment field if we are to engage in a dialogue.

Everyone is welcome to add their input, thoughts and ideas and I will gratefully receive them all. In the blog, I will reflect on what is happening within support services, always in close consultation with education and research. The blog will be something of a shop window for issues such as taking stock of support services (this is being done right now), the digital work environment or how we can provide optimal research support.

However, I won’t simply be looking inwards, I also aim to talk about fascinating trends in support services in the outside world and where KTH stands in this competition.

Let’s catch up again soon.