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Equality and gender in education 

For several years now, KTH has been working to integrate an equality perspective into first and second cycle education. Our aim is for teachers to be attentive to how education can be done in a more equal way.

Issues that are raised include how all students can have their voice heard, whose perspective is reflected in teaching examples, who feels visible/invisible in the classroom and how group work is organised such that the conditions for teaching are as fair as possible.

Work to integrate content on gender and equality in education is being pursued at the same time to enable students to have greater knowledge about this. What do concepts such as gender, equality and diversity mean and in what ways are they important in technology development, leadership, working life, research and societal development?

By becoming more knowledgeable, students will be able to contribute to increased equality in society, in both their own study environment and their future professional life. I offer a few examples below from evaluations, where the students themselves describe the lessons they have learnt.

“That it is about questioning and changing structures and cultures at organisation level, not everything is up to the individual. I have acquired tools and knowledge to combat ignorance and resistance to equality issues and can put into words and explain things I have experienced myself. It feels like this is the most important course I have taken (perhaps precisely because I am shortly due to enter the job market.”

“An insight into what differences there are in the conditions for men and women, and how you as a man/woman are expected to act. I have also gained an insight into how important it is not to ignore inequality, above all when it comes to creating good platforms for coming generations and a more equal society.”

“The most important lesson I will take with me from the course is the way of thinking about and viewing things from another perspective. I have learnt a great deal on this course that will not only help me in my working life but also outside work, and it is this knowledge I want to take with me to make changes.”