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A toiletry bag for teachers

What we anticipate in the coming years is that all students at KTH should gain fundamental knowledge in the area of equal opportunities by integrating this into first cycle education. And that this should be mandatory.

I have previously reported that KTH is actively working to integrate an equal opportunities perspective into first cycle education. For example, we have implemented a number of pilot projects within various programmes where modules on gender and equality have been developed in consultation with the heads of programmes and teachers. On occasion, a number of lectures have then been combined with seminars that have allowed scope for dialogue and reflection.

Another important part of this integration is also to have some kind of examination that means what students have learnt can be assessed in a similar way as other course elements. It has often previously  been the case that a knowledge area is considered interesting but voluntary, which signals that it does not really have anything to do with technology and the development of technology.

A plan is now in place for how this wide-ranging work is to be implemented, and several initiatives concern organising workshops with different groups, for example, the head of programmes and other key personnel within the course, to find the best way to achieve the target together. A university pedagogics course that provides support for teachers has already been organised on two occasions.

The course examination consists of working with the participants’ own courses based on an equality and/or gender perspective. There are also plans to offer this course in English. My experience of these courses and from other meetings with teachers and heads of programmes is that not only is there a strong desire to contribute to this work, but also a demand for support and help. One such support is our new JML Toiletry Bag, an online resource containing course material for teachers at KTH. It includes teaching aids, materials and guidance. A pedagogic developer will act as support for guidance on how it can be used, and to continuously update it.

P.S. We felt the metaphor toolbox was a bit clichéd, hence the name. D.S.