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The transition in focus in Glasgow

Never before has there been such a massive focus on an international climate change conference. Much of the discussions concern the transition to a climate neutral society that we all know is going far too slowly. Strong and rapid actions are now our last chance to reach the 1.5 degree target.

Naturally, one of the stumbling blocks is access to the necessary capital for the transition and the goal is to secure the 100 billion dollars per year from the OECD countries that has already been agreed on. Another important question is how the trading of emission rights between different countries should be managed.

What is happening in parallel with COP26 at KTH? We will obviously continue to be a role model as a climate smart university, but above all, to continue to produce new research findings and solutions and act as a bridge builder for knowledge and attitudes. KTH’s extensive national and international networks are invaluable where climate and sustainability are key parts of the collaborations KTH pursues. For this reason, the five activities below have been arranged, where communication and collaboration are key.

Climate Connect follows COP26

KTH actively collaborates with several universities in Great Britain and right now, we are engaged in an exciting activity, Climate Connect, headed by Strathclyde University in Glasgow. The aim of this is to promote international exchange and exchange experiences, but above all, to create a better understanding of the fact that the connection between climate changes and other sustainability challenges looks very different in different parts of the world.

Some 60 students and 25 doctoral students and post-docs from six universities in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe are working together in this project. Obvious, this group is keeping a critical eye on COP26 in Glasgow and scrutinizing the work being done there. It will be exciting to follow this unique project.

Meet our researchers at five different seminars
You can meet some of our researchers within a number of the areas being addressed at Cop26, on the following dates:

Co-Living – sustainable housing of the future– 8 November ( In Swedish)
Creative and innovative solutions within areas such as, cooking, social security, energy, space planning solutions – an exciting project in the KTH Live-in Lab.

KTH Sustainability Research Day – 9 November 
At our annual KTH Sustainability Research Day this year, you can meet researchers at KTH who are investigating solutions for the climate reset, and organisations that collaborate with KTH on how the transition can be done in reality.

Climate Talk 1 How KTH research contributes to reduced emissions 11 November
 An exciting seminar about the shipping of the future, sustainable buildings and carbon sinks. (In Swedish)

Climate Talk 2: How can our climate footprint be reduced?   12 November How we consume, eat, and travel affects the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted. But what does our climate footprint look like today? (In Swedish)

KTH Energy Dialogue 18 November
Innovation processes, energy research with penetration, and wind power are just some of the topics that will be discussed. (In English)

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about new, exciting and relevant research at KTH. Naturally, we will continue to follow events in Glasgow together with our students in Climate Connect.