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The European university strategy, focus or dilution?

Writing a strategy for something as comprehensive as the development of universities in the EU is not an enviable task. But the EU Commission has now made an attempt. The strategy is comprehensive in terms of subjects and the feeling is that most things have been covered. However, you may therefore ask yourself how inclusive … Continue reading “The European university strategy, focus or dilution?”

Are numbers more important than power?

Engagement or power? A willingness to change or a higher number of women? There are several aspects to consider when a gender equality university genuinely aims to become that. Numerically, for example, the number of female professors, is not the sole yardstick, however. Most Swedish universities and university colleges have engaged in gender equality work … Continue reading “Are numbers more important than power?”

Lost in compensation

Net zero carbon, climate positive, net zero climate footprint, negative emissions. And yet. What do all these concepts actually mean? Who can you trust? How can I know what is pure greenwashing, in other words, that a company merely gives the impression of being environment friendly, and what is a genuinely reasonable effort? It is … Continue reading “Lost in compensation”