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Being among the first

Women have largely been invisible figures in written history, in virtually all areas. The serious consequence of this is that subsequent generations have thought that women never played a part in, say, research, politics and culture. The phenomenon has been studied and tackled through new research since the 1970s. Previously invisible, and therefore forgotten, women … Continue reading “Being among the first”

Leadership for change

It bears repeating again and again: leadership is absolutely crucial to bring about desired changes in an organisation. Leaders can convince their co-workers that there are problems and challenges that they need to be aware of if they are to help bring about change. Leaders can pre-empt problems by initiating proactive processes for change, by … Continue reading “Leadership for change”

Gender-based vulnerability in academia and at KTH

For the first time, Swedish universities and colleges have conducted a national survey on gender-based vulnerability and sexual harassment in the academic sphere. A total of almost 39,000 employees, doctoral candidates and students have responded. The responses confirm that women are particularly vulnerable. The survey included various kinds of questions aiming to capture the complex … Continue reading “Gender-based vulnerability in academia and at KTH”