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Digitalisation within the public sector must be improved

Despite the fact that Sweden and Norway are top of the class when it comes to digitalisation in general, the two countries are far less impressive in the case of digitalisation within the public sector. I have just written my first scientific article in Norwegian, my native language, an interesting experience in its own right. … Continue reading “Digitalisation within the public sector must be improved”

Assessing our digital work environments

The pandemic has probably meant most of us now understand that digital working is a clear part of professional life. We spend the majority of our working days in Zoom meetings, checking email or dealing with various types of digital support systems. For many people the physical, social and organisational work environment has perhaps become … Continue reading “Assessing our digital work environments”

Digitalisation is business development

In the 1990s, the word computerisation was commonly used to describe developments that were happening in the workplace. In retrospect, you could say that computerisation meant adding computers and other technology to a business in the belief that this would make it more efficient, but without affecting the business in itself. Developing a business was … Continue reading “Digitalisation is business development”