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Research + Education = Third Cycle Education?

A very large part of research done at KTH is undertaken by research students. This is not least the case for the proportion of published research articles that are written by research students.  This is not unique to KTH and probably applies to most universities in Sweden. However, with the recently completed Research Assessment Exercise … Continue reading “Research + Education = Third Cycle Education?”

Living your values

Who should ensure that the value systems formulated in steering documents are genuinely lived up to? Who should interpret the formulations? And what happens when these values gain real significance? Over the last six months I have asked various people for their thoughts on these issues. More detailed work on how general formulations on value … Continue reading “Living your values”

Broader recruitment a must for increased quality

Right now the Swedish Higher Education Authority is engaged in a thematic evaluation of the work being done by universities and colleges to broaden recruitment. One important result of this investigation will be the good examples universities are able to present. We can all learn from each other. According to the Higher Education Act (1992:1434, … Continue reading “Broader recruitment a must for increased quality”

Lifelong learning to suit everyday life

We are now expanding work with our lifelong learning by intensifying relationships with our strategic partners within contract education. A partnership that is going to be very instructive. As I blogged recently KTH has ambitious aims of growing within lifelong learning and I also offered very powerful reasons for this. We have now gone up … Continue reading “Lifelong learning to suit everyday life”