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Scholarship rules restrict competitiveness

The possibility of accepting international scholarships is vital if Swedish universities are to be competitive. Rules that are clear, understandable and logical ought to be self-evident. Squareness is a step towards stagnation and puts Swedish universities at a disadvantage. We need to be able to offer international scholarships to study at KTH. The rules and … Continue reading “Scholarship rules restrict competitiveness”

What do the international students think?

Universities all over the world  are discussing how courses should be organised in the next academic year. The possibility of providing courses online is being eagerly considered. One group that has not actually been asked to any great extent is the students themselves, especially not the international students. What do they think? A total of … Continue reading “What do the international students think?”

Is it too easy to cooperate with difficult countries?

Globalisation has meant universities have become increasingly international. There is a big market for international student recruitment at a time when many countries are becoming more ambitious when it comes to education and research and with this, seeking exchanges and cooperation. At the same time, more and more warning cries are being heard that in … Continue reading “Is it too easy to cooperate with difficult countries?”

Stefan Östlund on internationalization

Vice President for Global relations and overall international cooperations and Professor of Electric Power Engineering In this blog, I will talk about how internationalization can permeate an educational institution and how the boundless exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences among students, researchers, educational institutions and the global community benefits society development.