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Cascades, catalysis and chiral ligand control with SmI2: The rebirth of a reagent

Welcome to the The 22nd Holger Erdtman Lecture, which will be held by Professor David J. Procter, University of Manchester.

Tid: To 2019-11-07 kl 15.30

Plats: K1, Teknikringen 56

Föreläsare: Professor David J. Procter, University of Manchester

Samarium(II) iodide (SmI2) is arguably the most widely-used reductive, single electron transfer (SET) reagent in chemistry.1 We have recently shown how some of the most important limitations associated with the reagent for over 40 years can be overcome.

The first part of the lecture will introduce the reagent and showcase its use in natural product synthesis. Recent work on the SET reduction of esters and amides2 and the use of the resultant radicals in cascade cyclizations, 3,4 including folding cascades that deliver complex natural product-like 3D products with high control,5 will also be described.

The second part of the lecture will describe our development of the first chiral ligand-controlled, enantioselective cyclizations mediated by SmI26 and our recent studies on the first catalytic SmI2 cyclizations.

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