Center for Cyber Defense and Information Security

Since 2016, The Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) has been tasked to strengthen Sweden’s cyber defence. In line with this, a research and technology development initiative has been launched; a collaboration between KTH and the Swedish Armed Forces - the KTH Center for Cyber Defense and Information Security (CDIS).

As more and more societal functions are dependent of the Internet, it has become increasingly important to build a well-dimensioned cyber defence. This means a state’s collective capacity to protect its interests in the cyber world. The foundation is to ensure that the information in computer-based systems is accessible, accurate and protected against unauthorised access.

The centre's function is to strengthen the cyber security subject for KTH, a subject whose importance has grown rapidly with the rapid digitisation and the increasing vulnerabilities generated by that process. Most of the centre resources will be allocated to research and graduate programs and KTH will contribute to the education of employees and draftees of SwAF. The centre will conduct and disseminate research in collaboration with SwAF and other parties, to increase Sweden's cyber defence and enable information security.

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Last changed: Dec 19, 2019