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Locked Shields 2021

NATO CCDOE (Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence) hosted the world's largest cyber defense exercise, Locked Shields, in April 2021.

During the excercise, the task is to defend the networks and essential services of the fictive country Berylia. Sweden participated with a team comprising members from the Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Police, Swedish Security Service and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. The first swedish cyber soldier conscripts, educated in cooperation with KTH, also took part in the team. Jan Fernquist, cyber analyst at the Swedish Armed Forces, was project manager for the team.

All organizations were impressed by the soldiers' ability to quickly grasp complex issues and their commitment contributed a lot to the nice result, says Jan Fernquist.

Read more about the excercise at CCDCOE .

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Last changed: Apr 21, 2021