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Rapid mini-boost course on

Quantitative analysis of Circular Economy strategies

Participants attending the course
Participants attending the course
Published Oct 03, 2022

“In spite of presenting a large body of literature on CE in general, only a small but growing body of literature exists on the net effects of CE strategies from a quantitative perspective” (IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, 2022)

There is a strong need to equip industry with tools and methods to help them make better decisions when designing and implementing CE strategies and CE@KTH is already moving in this direction.

As part of the Nordic Innovation funded project "CATALY(C)ST: Youth Change makers as catalysts for a transition to a sustainable circular economy", KTH team organized a rapid mini-boost course on "Quantitative analysis of Circular Economy strategies" in collaboration with EFLA Consulting Engineers in Reykjavík, Iceland. The course was aimed at industry professionals to teach them different tools that they can use to make better decisions when designing and implementing CE strategies. The tools include Circularity Calculator and multi-method simulation.