Johan Franzén

Johan Franzén

KTH School of Chemical Science and Engineering
Organic Chemistry
Teknikringen 30
100 44 Stockholm
Tel: +(46)8 - 7908125
Fax: +(46)8 - 7912333

Johan Franzén graduated from Mid Sweden University in 1999 and continued with PhD studies (1999-2004) at Stockholm University under the supervision of Prof. J.-E. Bäckvall. After postdoctoral studies (2004-2005) with Prof. K. A. Jørgensen at Aarhus University he was employed by IsoSep AB, a small company specializing on contract synthesis (2006). At the present he holds an assistant professor position at the Royal Institute of Technology. The current research involves; development of new synthesis methodology for natural product synthesis, enantioselective organocatalysis and enantioselective oxidation.

Diploma Work / M.Sc project available for motivated student:

Synthesis of Drugs Targeting Mitochondrial Enzymes (See diploma work)

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