Welcome to Polymeric Materials

‘Understanding properties of polymeric materials from atomistic, nanoscopic and microscopic structure and how structure at different length scales are interrelated’ / Ulf Gedde


Division of Polymeric Materials

The Division with seven senior scientists has the motto to establish relationships between structure and properties with the aim of tailor-making materials for different applications and to predict the behaviour of a given material in a certain real-life situation. Fundamental research, involving theory, simulation, modelling, development of novel experimental methods and advanced experiments and more applied research are pursued. Current research trends are new materials based on renewable resources, environmental aspects of the entire life cycle of polymeric materials, polymer modelling, nanostructured polymeric systems, insulating polymeric materials, polymers for packaging, antibacterial and antifouling polymeric materials and long-term performance of polymeric materials. The running projects are concerned with important issues for mankind: energy, food and water quality, source limitations and health.

Head of Division

Prof. Ulf Gedde

Postal Adress

KTH, Polymeric Materials
Teknikringen 56-58
SE-100 44 Stockholm

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