Former Group Members

PhD students

Anna Laurell 2008-2014 (“Development and Studies of the Processes Involved in Minor Enantiomer Recycling”, Thesis 2014)

Robin Hertzberg 2010-2015 (“Enantioenriched Cyanohydrins and Acetoxyphosphonates – Synthesis and Applications”, Thesis 2015)

Ester Fjellander 2005-2010 (“Self-adaptable catalysts: importance of flexibility and applications in asymmetric catalysis”, Thesis 2010)

Erica Wingstrand 2004-2009 (“New Methods for Chiral Cyanohydrin Synthesis”, Thesis 2009)

Martin Gerdin 2002-2008 ("Silaborations of Unsaturated Compunds", Thesis 2008)

Mélanie Tilliet 2005-2008 ("Synthesis and Study of New Oxazoline-Based Ligands", Thesis 2008)

Anders Frölander 2002-2007 ("Impact of Secondary Interactions in Asymmetric Catalysis", Thesis 2007)

Stina Lundgren 2002-2007 ("Efficient Synthesis and Analysis of Chiral Cyanohydrins", Thesis 2007)

Raivis Zalubovskis 2001-2006 ("Flexibility - A Tool for Chirality Control in Asymemtric Catalysis", Thesis 2006)

Oscar Belda 1999-2004 (“Bispyridylamides in Asymmetric Catalysis”, Thesis 2004)

Christina Jönsson 1999-2003 (“Downsizing in Asymmetric Catalysis”, Thesis 2003)

Fredrik Rahm 1998-2003 (“Chiral Pyridine-Containing Ligands for Asymmetric Catalysis: Synthesis and Applications”, Thesis 2003)

Kristina Hallman 1998-2001 (“Asymmetric Catalysis: Ligand Design and Conformational Studies”, Thesis 2001)

Fredrik Lake 1997-2002 (“C2- and C3-Symmetric Ligands via Ring-Opening of Aziridines: Application in Asymmetric Catalysis”, Thesis 2002)

Robert Stranne 1997-2002 (“Investigation of Symmetry and Electronic Efects in Asymmetric Palladium-Catalyzed Allylic Substitutions”, Thesis 2002)

Ulf Bremberg 1995-2000 (“Asymmetric Catalysis: Ligand Design and Microwave Acceleration”, Thesis 2000)

Emmanuel Macedo 1995-1998 (“Oxazoline-Containing Ligands. Synthesis and Applications”, Thesis 1998)

Magnus Cernerud 1992-1997 (“Versatile Ligands for Selective Metal Catalysis”, Thesis 1997)

Kerstin Nordström 1988-1996 (“Palladium-Catalysed Asymmetric Transformations”, Thesis 1996)

Hans Adolfsson 1989-1995 (“Ligand Design for Selective Catalysis”, Thesis 1995)

Kenneth Wärnmark 1988-1994 (“Chiral Macrocyclic and C3-Symmetric Pyridine Ligands for Potential Use in Catalytic Asymetric Synthesis”, Thesis 1994)

Louise Tottie 1986-92 (“Selective Palladium-Catalyzed Transformations of 1,5-Dienes. Use of Derivatives of (R)-Lactic Acid for Asymetric Synthesis and Analysis of Chiral Compounds”, Thesis 1992)

László Rákos 1985-91 (“Polymer-Supported Organic Reagents - Preparation and Aplications in Organic Synthesis, Chromatography and Hydrometallurgy”, Thesis 1991)

Thomas Antonsson 1983-88 (“New Synthetic Methods Based on Palladium-Catalyzed Transformations of Dienes”, Thesis 1988)

Björn Elman 1982-86 (“The Preparation and Properties of Some 2,2´-Dipyridylmethanes”, Thesis 1986)


Youcai Xiao, China, postdoc 2014-2015

Laure Theveau, France, postdoc 2014-2015

Khalid Widyan, Jordan, postdoc 2010-2012

Ende Li, China, postdoc 2013-2014

Yeqian Wen, China, postdoc 2012-2014

Hui Zhou, China, postdoc 2011-2013

Rosalba Bellini, Italy, postdoc 2012

Saliendra Kumar, India, 2009-2010

Alexis Bouet, France, 2007-2008

Fei Li, China, 2006-2007

Christian Lüken, Germany, 2006-2007

Maël Penhoat, France, 2004-2005

Emilie Brulé, France, 2004

Katja Brade, Germany, 2003-2005

Yuxin Pei, China, 2003-2005

Sari Paavola, Finland, 2002-2003

Dean Gillings, Great Britain, 2002-2003

Tebikie Wondimagegn, Ethiopia, 2001-2002

Olivier Temmem, France, 2001-2002

Jean-Luc Vasse, France, 2000-2001

Serghey Lutsenko, Russia, 1999-2002

Simon Dunne, Australia, 1997-1998

Vincent Levacher, France, 1992-1993

Lori Sutin, Canada, 1988-1991

Diploma Students

Robin Afshin Sander 2013

Victor Östlund 2012

Anna Laurell, 2007

Karin Engström, 2006

Caroline Ohlsson, 2004

Stina Lundgren, 2002

Mark Sundberg, 2000

Fredrik Rahm, 1998

Anna Skrinning, 1996

Magnus Cernerud, 1992

Helena Looström, 1992

Hans Adolfsson, 1989

Lena Mäler, 1989

Christer Malmberg, 1987

Lars Öhrström, 1987

Kenneth Wärnmark, 1987

Abraham Langlet, 1986

Louise Tottie, 1985

Maria Hultenheim, 1981

Foreign Students

Lorraine Cherrier, France, undergraduate student 2014

Guillermo Monreal Santiago, Spain, undergraduate student 2013-2014

Angela van der Werf, Holland, undergraduate student 2013

Tina Mühlhäuser, Germany, undergraduate student 2013

Inanllely Gonzalez, USA, undergraduate student 2012

Alexis Bordet, France, undergraduate student 2012

Robin Lafficher, France, undergraduate student 2012

Berenice Heid, Germany, undergraduate student 2011

Yvette Verdonk, Netherlands, undergraduate student, 2010

Valentin Guidal, France, undergraduate student, 2010

Nicolein Smit, Netherlands, undergraduate student, 2009

Verena Krug, Germany, undergraduate student, 2009

Juliane Leutzow, Germany, undergraduate student, 2009

Vincenzo Benessere, Italy, graduate stdent, 2008

Christin Worch, Germany, graduate student, 2008

Georgios Passas-Lagos, Germany, undergraduate student, 2007

Matthias Abele, Germany, undergraduate student, 2007

Dirk Landsberg, Germany, undergraduate student, 2006-2007

Christian Belger, Germany, undergraduate student, 2006-2007

Michael Holzwarth, Germany, undergraduate student, 2006-2007

Angela D'Amora, Italy, graduate student, 2006

Emmanuel Joubert, France, undergraduate student, 2005

Andrey Khalimon, Russia, graduate student, 2005

Mélanie Tilliet, France, undergraduate student, 2004 and 2005

Claire Pétermann, Switzerland, undergraduate student, 2004

Armen Panussian, France, undergraduate student, 2004

Raffaella Del Litto, Italy, graduate student, 2004

Christian Böing, Germany, undergraduate student, 2002

Sophie Duqeusne, France, undergraduate student, 2002

Delphine Marches, France, undergraduate student, 2001

Carole Gayet, France, undergraduate student, 2001

Olivier Schicke, France, undergraduate student, 2000

Johann Grognoux, France, undergraduate student, 2000

Nils Rackelmann, Germany, undergraduate student, 2000

Sacha Legrand, France, graduate student, 1999-2001

Richard Holzwarth, France undergraduate student, 1999

Laurent Hortala, France, graduate student, 1999

Elodie Gerard, France, undergraduate student, 1998

Nina Hermanns, Germany, undergraduate student, 1998

Graham Cummings, Great Britain, undergraduate student, 1998

Achim Böhme, Germany, undergraduate student, 1997

Emmanuelle Petitfils, France, undergraduate student, 1997

Hélène Strintz, France, undergraduate student, 1997

Isabelle Bergère, France, undergraduate student, 1996

David Berard, France, undergraduate student, 1995

Sylvie Bouchereau, France, undergraduate student, 1994

Christina Arnold, Germany, graduate student, 1994

Isabelle Terrien, France, undergraduate student, 1993-1994

Emmanuel Macedo, France, undergraduate student 1992-93 and 1993-94

Antonio José Reina, Spain, Ph D student 1991 and 1992

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