Novel materials from protein nanofibers

Masters degree project with aim to explore new biobased nanomaterials.

The extensive use of plastic materials is one of the major challenges in the development towards a sustainable society. Therefore, development of clean and renewable “bioplastics” that can satisfy our need for high performance materials is urgently needed. Traditionally, biobased materials have suffered from a number of disadvantages, such as suboptimal barrier properties and water sensitivity. However, the use of nanocomposites can significantly improve the performance of these materials.

This project aims at taking this development further by exploring the potential of producing the nanocomponents as well as the matrix material from the same renewable source. In the project we explore the formation of nanofibers from plant proteins (e.g. soybean, rapeseed and flax) and then we develop and characterize novel nanocomposite materials based on of the protein nanofibers.

The project is a collaboration between KTH, SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) and Innventia AB.

The work will involve basic wet lab chemistry as well as the advanced analysis of fiber nanostructure and material properties.

We are looking for a highly motivated student with an interest to combine biochemistry with material science. Basic knowledge about proteins and soft materials as well as practical experiences of laboratory work is required.

Please contact me for further information:

Christofer Lendel

Phone: 08-790 8554

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