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Bio- and Environment-related Analytical Chemistry

Utilizing the improved analytical techniques   developed within the group, several methods for specific applications have been presented mainly in the areas of bioanalysis and environmental analysis.

Transfer of single wood cell to open microchannel
Butterfly (Pieridae napi) and spermatophore containing reproduction proteins

This has often been accomplished in collaboration with other research groups as exemplified below.

  • Separation and characterization of bovine serum albumin-fluorescein isothiocyanate conjugates related to contact allergy (in collaboration with Dermatochemistry, University of Gothenburg).
  • Separation and characterization of aggregated amyloid-beta peptides related to Alzheimer’s disease (in collaboration with Molecular Geriatrics, Uppsala University).
  • Analysis of exopolysaccharides in marine colloids (in collaboration with Meteorology, Stockholm University).
  • Single wood cell analysis
  • Sugar and amino acid content in conifer plants related to treatments against pests (in collaboration with Ecological Chemistry, KTH).
  • Reproduction proteins from butterflies (in collaboration with Zoology, Stockholm University).
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Last changed: May 29, 2012