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Thesis work and projects with the centre

If you are a student interested in thesis work, or assisting in research or various projects, this page presents options to get involved.

Student in nature
Photo: Becca Tapert, Unsplash.

Own student projects or events

If you want to develop your own projects or events you can collaborate with us, for example by hosting these at the KTH Climate Action Centre (Teknikringen 43). Contact us at .
Projects can also be developed together with KTH Students for Sustainability .

Master thesis

KTH Degree Project Portal

KTH gathers master thesis projects in the KTH Degree Project Portal . KTH Climate Action Centre is actively promoting organisations to advertise climate related projects there. Some options are also higlighted below.

Application of Eutectic freeze crystallization for CoSO4 recovery from sulfate solutions

This project concerns a more energy saving method to crystallize the metals salts (eutectic freeze crystallization) than the conventional method (evaporative crystallization) as part of a lithium ion battery recycling process. Contact Kerstin Forsberg ​​​​​​​ .​​​​​​​

General topics of Battery recycling or Carbon Capture

If you have ideas or want suggestions on these topics, contact Christophe Duwig ​​​​​​​.

​​​​​​​Thesis Opportunities within SETA Project

There are multiple options within the Sustainable Energy Transformation in Aviation (SETA) project. Projects proposed (with related research questions in the full description) include: (1) What is the role of air passengers in the future of aviation? (2) What will electrification of air transport need? (3) How is Sweden a role-model for sustainable aviation?
Full description can be downloaded here (docx 140 kB) ​​​​​​​.

Additional projects

KTH Climate Action Centre and COP27

The centre hosts a campus hub for COP27 events. You can get involved here .

Projects at Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering give project courses for Master students. The topics are flexible (as long as the student finds an examinator). It is an opportunity if students have an idea or want to be engaged beyond existing courses, which can be done at KTH and/or include involvement with companies. Contact Christophe Duwig .

The Atlas of the other worlds

KTH Climate Action Centre aims to involve KTH students in the making of the Atlas of the other worlds. The entries can be of 3 kinds: grassroots actions tackling climate change; municipal actions tackling climate change; a short fiction story imagining the city where one live in 200 years from now. We could provide some training to help the students to realize their entry. The Atlas can be found here ​​​​​​​. Contact Marco Armiero ​​​​​​​.