Provement is a software service with connected hardware that aims at making clinical childhood obesity treatment more effective and efficient.

Using IoT, machine learning and big data, Provement have created a digital platform to individualize and democratize obesity treatment, making it more accessible, effective and affordable than current solutions. It consists of a treatment and communication tool for the clinics and an app for the user and connected devices.

The connected devices collect objective data that makes it possible to follow progress between visits. It allows for an in-depth understanding of how each patient is doing and enables early intervention.


The team consists of full-time workers Andreas Drangel, a recent graduate from the computer science program at KTH and Love Marcus who has a degree in Finance and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and has studied physics and machine learning at KTH.

Provement was also co-founded by Professor Claude Marcus from the Karolinska Institute who has focused much of his academic career on childhood obesity treatment and prevention. Jens Mogensen, an experienced entrepreneur and investor has joined the team and is primarily responsible for business development and company relations. Johannes Arpegård has a medical degree and an MBA from Karolinska Institute and Blekinge Institute of Technology respectively and is looking at markets. Karin Kling is a registered nurse with a background in marketing working patient facing with Provement on a daily basis and is also preparing marketing and educational material.

The clinical evaluation is conducted by Pernilla Danielsson-Liljeqvist och Linnea Johansson at the Karolinska institute

The process

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