Ideation workshop for a sustainable future

Published 十月 10, 2017

Do you have an idea that could reinvent the fashion industry?

KTH is a proud partner to Global Change Award , the world’s largest innovation challenge within the fashion industry. The competition is initiated by the H&M Foundation which seeks early stage innovations that can contribute to a circular fashion industry. But what is actually an idea and how do you know that you’ve got one? What’s all this hype around startup and innovation, and what’s in it for you?

Welcome to this hands-on 2 hour workshop where we’ll try to straighten these things out. We’ll introduce you to useful tools to identify, validate, and develop business ideas – and give you a taste of creating ideas around pre-defined needs.

Do you want to contribute to a sustainable future? Whether you will ever develop your own idea or might join a startup, knowledge of how ideas are created and validated is always going to be useful.

The circular economy is everywhere, perhaps now is the time for you to be a part of it and contribute!

When: 27 October, 11.30-13.30

Where: Room Ludendo Discimus (243) in Sing Sing-building, Lindstedtsvägen 30.

For Whom: Researchers and Students at KTH.

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