Article: Software-Defined "Hardware" Infrastructures: A Survey...

Journal Article in IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials

Published May 11, 2018


This paper provides an overview of Software-Defined “Hardware” Infrastructures (SDHI). SDHI builds upon the concept of hardware (HW) resource disaggregation. HW resource disaggregation breaks today’s physical server-oriented model where the use of a physical resource (e.g., processor or memory) is constrained to a physical server’s chassis. SDHI extends the definition of Software-Defined Infrastructures (SDI) and brings greater modularity, flexibility, and extensibility to cloud infrastructures, thus allowing cloud operators to employ resources more efficiently and allowing applications not to be bounded by the physical infrastructure’s layout. This paper aims to be an initial introduction to SDHI and its associated technological advancements. The paper starts with an overview of the cloud domain and puts into perspective some of the most prominent efforts in the area. Then, it presents a set of differentiating use-cases that SDHI enables. Next, we state the fundamentals behind SDI and SDHI, and elaborate why SDHI is of great interest today. Moreover, it provides an overview of the functional architecture of a cloud built on SDHI, exploring how the impact of this transformation goes far beyond the cloud infrastructure level in its impact on platforms, execution environments, and applications. Finally, an in-depth assessment is made of the technologies behind SDHI, the impact of these technologies, and the associated challenges and potential future directions of SDHI.

Full article, Software-Defined "Hardware" Infrastructures: A Survey on Enabling Technologies and Open Research Directions, is available here .

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