Here are the 50 most recent publications from the Division of Communication Systems.

A. Farshin et al., "Make the Most out of Last Level Cache in Intel Processors," in Proceedings of the Fourteenth EuroSys Conference (EuroSys'19), Dresden, Germany, 25-28 March 2019., 2019.
Y. Cheng et al., "Disaggregated Data Centers: Challenges and Tradeoffs," IEEE Communications Magazine, 2019.
J. M. Estaran et al., "140/180/204-Gbaud OOK Transceiver for Inter- and Intra-Data Center Connectivity," Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 37, no. 1, pp. 178-187, 2019.
C. Natalino et al., "Infrastructure upgrade framework for Content Delivery Networks robust to targeted attacks," Optical Switching and Networkning Journal, vol. 31, pp. 202-210, 2019.
F. Yaghoubi, "Agile, Resilient and Cost-efficient Mobile Backhaul Networks : Fundamentals of Network Design and Adaptation," Doctoral thesis : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-EECS-AVL, 2019:17, 2019.
C. Natalino et al., "Energy- and fatigue-aware RWA in optical backbone networks," Optical Switching and Networkning Journal, vol. 31, pp. 193-201, 2019.
H. Celik, "Feasibility and Performance of Dynamic TDD in Dense and Ultra-Dense Wireless Access Networks," Doctoral thesis : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-EECS-AVL, 2019:10, 2019.
J. Van Kerrebrouck et al., "High-Speed PAM4-Based Optical SDM Interconnects With Directly Modulated Long-Wavelength VCSEL," Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 37, no. 2, pp. 356-362, 2019.
Y. Cao et al., "Multi-tenant secret-key assignment over quantum key distribution networks," Optics Express, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 2544-2561, 2019.
S. Khosravi, H. Shokri-Ghadikolaei and M. Petrova, "Efficient Beamforming for Mobile mmWave Networks," in The International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks WiOpt 2019, 2019.
A. Bogoni et al., "Foreword to the Special Issue on the 44th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2018)," Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 37, no. 5, pp. 1450-1455, 2019.
C. P. Lau, A. Alabbasi and B. Shihada, "An Efficient Content Delivery System for 5G CRAN Employing Realistic man Mobility," IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 742-756, 2019.
X. Pang et al., "Key technologies to enable terabit-scale digital radio-over-fiber systems," in Broadband Access Communication Technologies XIII, 2019.
F. Musumeci et al., "Introduction to PNET special issue on "Resilience in future 5G photonic networks"," Photonic network communications, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 263-264, 2019.
B. Arslan and B. Fröjdh, "E-wallet - designed for usability," , 2019.
M. R. Raza et al., "A Slice Admission Policy Based on Big Data Analytics for Multi-Tenant 5G Networks," Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 37, no. 7, pp. 1690-1697, 2019.
J. Li et al., "Delay-aware bandwidth slicing for service migration in mobile backhaul networks," Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, vol. 11, no. 4, pp. B1-B9, 2019.
A. Mahmood et al., "Energy-Reliability Aware Link Optimization for Battery-Powered IoT Devices With Nonideal Power Amplifiers," IEEE Internet of Things Journal, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 5058-5067, 2019.
C. Beckman and M. Nilsson, "Betänkande av Utredningen om radiospektrumanvändning i framtiden – Frekvenser i samhällets tjänst (SOU 2018:92)," Stockholm Sweden : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2019.
M. I. Hossain, A. Azari and J. Zander, "Collision Multiplicity Detection: Challenges, Solutions, and Impacts on Cellular Random Access," in IEEE VTC-Spring, 2020.
M. I. Hossain and J. Markendahl, "Comparison of LPWAN Technologies: Cost Structure and Scalability," Telecommunications Policy, 2019.
M. I. Hossain, "Cellular-Internet-of-Things Enablers: : A Techno-Economic Study of Wide Area Networks Connectivity and Platform Solutions," Doctoral thesis Stockholm : Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, TRITA-EECS-AVL, 2019:64, 2019.
S. Hofmann et al., "Combined Optimal Topology Formation and Rate Allocation for Aircraft to Aircraft Communications," in IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2019.
L. Xue et al., "50-Gb/s Dispersion-unmanaged DMT Transmission with Injection Locked 10G-class 1.55-mu m DML," in 2019 CONFERENCE ON LASERS AND ELECTRO-OPTICS (CLEO), 2019.
M. Furdek et al., "Experiment-based detection of service disruption attacks in optical networks using data analytics and unsupervised learning," in METRO AND DATA CENTER OPTICAL NETWORKS AND SHORT-REACH LINKS II, 2019.
Z. Zhang et al., "Iterative point-wise reinforcement learning for highly accurate indoor visible light positioning," Optics Express, vol. 27, no. 16, pp. 22161-22172, 2019.
P. Lungaro and K. Tollmar, "Immersivemote : Combining foveated AI and streaming for immersive remote operations," in ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 Talks, SIGGRAPH 2019, 2019.
M. Masoudi et al., "Green Mobile Networks for 5G and Beyond," IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 107270-107299, 2019.
M. R. Raza et al., "Machine Learning Methods for Slice Admission in 5G Networks," in OECC/PSC 2019 - 24th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference/International Conference Photonics in Switching and Computing 2019, 2019.
N. Zabetian, A. Mohammadi and M. Masoudi, "Energy-efficient power allocation for device-to-device communications underlaid cellular networks using stochastic geometry," European transactions on telecommunications, 2019.
J.-H. Lee et al., "Array pattern synthesis using semidefinite programming and a bisection method," ETRI Journal, vol. 41, no. 5, pp. 619-625, 2019.
C. Beckman, "5G and its Implication for Rail," in Train Communicatins Systems 2019 : The WiFi on trains conference, 2019.
P. Marcos et al., "A Survey on the Current Internet Interconnection Practices," Computer communication review, 2020.
F. Németh, M. Chiesa and G. Rétvári, "Normal Forms for Match-Action Programs," in Proceedings CoNEXT 2019 - The 15th International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies, 2019.
A. Sgambelluri et al., "Evaluating Link Latency in Distributed SDN-Based Control Plane Architectures," in ICC 2019 - 2019 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATIONS (ICC), 2019.
S. A. W. Shah et al., "ICIC-Enabled Association and Channel Selection for UAV-BSS Based on User Locations and Demands," in 2019 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference Workshop, WCNCW 2019, 2019.
S. Hazra et al., "Handling Inherent Delays in Virtual IoT Gateways," in 2019 15TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING IN SENSOR SYSTEMS (DCOSS), 2019, pp. 58-65.
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