Smart Eye-tracking Enabled Networking (SEEN)

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Smart Eye-tracking Enabled Networking (SEEN)


The goal of the SEEN (Smart Eye-tracking Enabled Networking) project is to define, implement and evaluate novel service provision using smart eye-tracking sensors to optimize data-intensive products in 5G networks. SEEN´s solutions will make it possible to increase user-experience and lowering bandwidth and processing costs, thus enabling high-demanding applications on mobile platforms. This is done by bringing together state-of-art in eye-tracking (Tobii), 5G networks (Ericsson), and mobile services optimization (KTH). The project will: (1) Develop a cutting-edge testbed implementing foveated real-time video delivery for VR headsets on 5G networks (2) Build the first 5G demonstrator for VR live streaming showcased in some major exhibitions and events (3) Provide open foveated service framework for 5G networks. SEEN will benefit Swedish industry working with mobile solutions in gaming, media, and advanced manufacturing but also provide integrated solutions including HW components from Tobii and dedicated cloud services managed by Ericsson, as well as groundbreaking knowledge disseminated by KTH.

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Konrad Tollmar (PI)


Tobii, Ericsson  


Mobile VR, Eye-tracking, Streaming, Content delivery, QoE, Foveal optimization

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Last changed: Jan 18, 2019