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Thesis and internships

We are always searching for motivated students and, we are also open for internships and students that would like to take part in studies that we run. However plz note, that PhD positions are always announced by KTH.


Students should fulfilled the course requirements for the degree project. In addition, we require good spoken and written English. Knowledge in internetworking, mobile systems or user-centred experimental design are appreciated.


We seek particular students that are interested in exploring new mobile systems and networking solutions using machine learning, sensor fusion, streaming protocols and content delivery mechanisms. We are also interested in students that would like to explore new emerging mobile systems, applications and media from a user-perspective.


Applications should include a brief personal statement, CV, and a list of grades. In the application, make sure to mention previous activities or other projects that you consider relevant for the position.


For more information, please contact Konrad Tollmar (

MSc Thesis / Exjobb 19/20 (pdf 449 kB)

Examples of thesis proposals  

Mobile VR

Content and user models in foveated streaming  (pdf 297 kB)
Foveated streaming protocol (pdf 297 kB)

Self-driving Cars

Novel on-board user interfaces for fostering trust in self-driving cars  (pdf 296 kB)


Methods for measuring Mobile Quality of Experience with the Experience Sampling Method (pdf 243 kB)

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