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Thesis Proposals

Here is a list of proposed degree projects at master and bachelor level ("Exjobb and "Kexjobb") in the CoS division. If you have managed to find a proposal elsewhere, please contact us as early as possible in the discussions with the company. Use the format used in the project descriptions as "template" to describe your own proposal.

To apply send an email with a Motivation letter, CV, and list of Grades to the contact person of the project you have selected.

Degree Project Proposals Place Published
Comparative Analysis of Receivers for Remote Drone Identification (pdf 153 kB) Skysense November 2022
Power Amplifiers for HF-systems with carrier aggregation CoS October 2022
Multiband Carrier Aggregation in HF Communications CoS October 2022
Automated antenna measurements of HF antennas CoS October 2022
Mobile Operator Data/Trend Analysis and Classification for Green Mobile Networks (pdf 255 kB) CoS October 2021
Data-Driven Distributed Machine Learning for Green Mobile Networks (pdf 221 kB) CoS October 2021
Master thesis 5G Air-to-Ground research & technology (pdf 134 kB) SkyFive October 2021
IoT network design for collaborating electric motors (pdf 181 kB) CoS October 2021
Sensors for air quality monitoring (pdf 144 kB) CoS October 2021
Dynamic sinks deployment strategies (pdf 125 kB) CoS October 2021
Evaluation of RPL network formation strategies (pdf 117 kB) CoS October 2021
Indoor Dense Space Wireless Channel Modeling for 6G (pdf 243 kB) CoS October 2021
Blind OFDM detection (pdf 122 kB) Skysense October 2021
Drone Tracking using Machine Learning (pdf 133 kB) Skysense October 2021
Automated propagation measurements for global HF communications (pdf 473 kB) CoS October 2021
Compact wideband Antennas for HF-systems with carrier aggregation (pdf 109 kB) CoS October 2021
Carrier aggregation in HF communications (pdf 280 kB) CoS October 2021
Patentlandskap inom ICT (pdf 130 kB) PRV October 2021
Handover Management for Flying Objects (docx 66 kB) RSLab October 2018
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