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PDC Pub and Open House 2018

Time: Wed 2018-05-09 15.00 - 17.30

Location: PDC, "plan 4", Teknikringen 14, KTH

Welcome to the 2018 PDC Pub!

PDC warmly invites you to join us for the 2018 "PDC Pub and Open House", which will be held at PDC, on the 4th floor of Teknikringen 14, Stockholm, from 15.00-17.30 on Wednesday the 9th of May. You are welcome to take a tour of the PDC machine room and see our current systems Beskow and Tegner.

The afternoon will begin with a brief welcome and introduction by Erwin Laure, the Director of PDC, followed by a chance to take a tour of the PDC computer hall, lead by our Deputy Director, Gert Svensson. As Gert has been present for the whole of the development of PDC, he can fill you in on lots of interesting historical details as well as answering questions about the current systems. While waiting for your tour, PDC staff will be available for discussions and to answer any questions you might have while you enjoy a drink and snacks.

You do not need to register to attend the Pub or the computer room tours, but if you have particular time constraints that afternoon and wish to book in for a specific tour in advance, please email  and give details of the tour times that would suit you. Each tour can take at most 10 people, so please book early.

We look forward to seeing you on the 9th of May! And, if you need information on travelling to PDC, please see: .