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Seminar 2015-05-28

Time Synchronization over Networks, IEEE 1588 and Applications

Speaker: John C. Eidson, University of California Berkeley


This presentation addresses the topic of synchronizing clocks in a distributed system by means of message passing over a communication network. Background material on clocks, timescales, and the two basic forms of time transfer will be reviewed to set the context for the discussion on network time transfer. The basic principles of IEEE 1588-2008 will be presented along with a discussion of several of the related “profile standards” including IEEE 802.1AS.

All these standards are currently being revised. The issues, new features and capabilities being discussed in the standards committees will be outlined. Especially interesting are proposals for much higher accuracy, operation over wireless, and provisions for redundancy.

The major applications currently using IEEE 1588 will be reviewed. Emphasis will be placed on timing requirements for each application.

Slides: J.Eidson.pdf (pdf 6.1 MB)

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