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Seminar 2015-10-28-2 C.Z.M.

Knowledge Technologies for Problem Solving in Engineering


Speaker: Cecilia Zanni-Merk


  • Senior Tenured Associate Professor of Computer Science at INSA de Strasbourg
  • Deputy Head of the BFO team of ICube
  • Leader of the Knowledge Engineering group of the BFO team of ICube
  • In charge of the International Relationships of the Mechanical Engineering Department at INSA de Strasbourg
  • In charge of the Center of Computer Based Educational Resources at INSA de Strasbourg


The goal of this lecture is to present some new approaches to problem solving in Engineering using knowledge engineering techniques.

The aspects that will be discussed include: Ontologies (formal definition and use) and their relationships with KBS (knowledge based systems). Capitalization of previous experience: CBR (case-based reasoning) and new approaches for knowledge capitalization: SOEKS (set of experience knowledge structure) and DDNA (decisional DNA).

After a discussion about the drawbacks of the traditional architecture used for depolying knowledge-based systems (KBS), a new generic knowledge-based model for problem solving in engineering is presented, the KREM (Knowledge, Rules, Experience, Meta-Knowledge) model.
The KREM model is a generic knowledge-based framework for problem solving in Engineering.

The novelty of the proposal comes from the inclusion of experience capitalization and of meta-knowledge use into the previously discussed traditional architecture. KREM improves the efficiency of classic KBSs, as it permits to deal with incomplete expert knowledge models, by progressively completing them, learning with experience. Also, the use of meta-knowledge can steer their execution more efficiently.
This framework has been successfully used in different projects. Some case studies will be presented and discussed, based on current research projects at the BFO team of ICube (UMR CNRS 7357)


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