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Seminar 2015-11-09 A.M.

Power aware scheduling for heterogeneous systems


Speaker: Avi Mendelson, Technion, Power aware scheduling for heterogeneous systems


Avi Mendelson is a professor in the CS and EE departments Technion, Israel, and a member of the TCE (Technion Computer Engineering center). He earned his BSC and MSC degrees from the CS department, Technion, and got his PhD from University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMASS).

Prof. Avi Mendelson has a blend of industrial and academic experience. As part of his industrial role, he spent 11 years in Intel, where he served as a senior architect and Principle engineer in the Mobile Computer Architecture Group, in Haifa. As part of this role he was in charge of the CMP definition and architecture of the Core Due 2. (the first intel’s CMP chip). He also served 4 years in Microsoft R&D center where he managed the Academic collaborations. Major part of his work in Microsoft was focused on student innovations and out-of-the-box usages of the cloud.

His research interests span over different areas such as Computer architecture, Operating systems, Power management, reliability, fault-tolerance, cloud computing, HPC and GPGPU including the use of “small devices” for medical purposes.


Power and Thermal limitations were the main reasons that push the industry to change its focus from single threaded architectures/programming to the multithreaded parallel world.

Heterogeneous systems were found to be better power efficient in compare to homogeneous systems. Thus programming parallel systems in general and heterogeneous systems in particular is not a trivial task.

Special programing environments such as CUDA, OpenCL and HSA were developed aiming to allow a “reasonable” way for the SW to make use of the complex heterogeneous hardware. Nevertheless, finding mechanisms that allow optimal  use of the power and thermal budget of a system is still a challenge.

In my talk I will address two types of systems; discrete heterogeneous systems and integrated SoC – system on a chip. I will provide a short description of existing solutions and BKMs for each family of solutions and will extend the discussion to the research I am conducting with my students in this area.


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