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Seminar 2016-05-04

Applied Machine Learning in Large Scale Software Development Organisations

Speaker: Leif Jonsson, Industrial PhD student, Ericsson ­ Linköping University


Leif Jonsson received his MSc degree in Computer Science (1998) from Uppsala University; in the same year he started working at Ericsson AB¹s research division. In 2010 he started Industrial PhD studies at Linko¨ping University in cooperation with Ericsson. His research interests include applying machine learning techniques to large-scale software development processes to automate traditionally hard to automate tasks. His current focus area is automatic fault localization.


Many aspects of software development are probabilistic and these aspects are best handled by probabilistic methods from the field of Machine Learning. At PDU GSM, WCDMA & Multi-Standard RAN at Ericsson we have explored applying machine learning to several aspects of our software development. In this talk I will present some of the use-cases and techniques we have studied and how we see the area evolving.


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