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Seminar 2018-09-03

A Constraint Programming approach to deliver a Tolerant Algebraic Side-Channel Attack of AES

Date: 2018-09-03
Time: 10:00-11:00
Speaker: Laurent Michel, Professor at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Connecticut (UConn)
Title: A Constraint Programming approach to deliver a Tolerant Algebraic Side-Channel Attack of AES 


Tolerant Algebraic Side-Channel Attack (TASCA) is a combination of algebraic and side-channel analysis with error tolerance. Oren et al., used mathematical programming to implement TASCA on a limited version of AES. This talk will outline how one can adopt Constraint Programming to deliver an implementation of TASCA over the full AES with orders of magnitude improvements in solving time and memory usage over the mathematical programming approaches. The talk will provide the necessary background and focus on what makes CP such an ideal vehicle for this task. Empirical results will shed light on the performance to be expected and the full potential of CP for cryptanalysis in general.


Laurent Michel received a B.S. and an Sc.M. in Computer Science from “Les Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix” (‘93) in Namur, Belgium. He later received an Sc.M. (‘96) and Ph.D. (‘99) degrees in Computer Science from Brown University.

After spending one year in industry and 2 years at Brown University as Visiting Assistant Professor, he joined the department in 2002 as Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and is now a Professor since 2017. His research interests focus on the design and implementation of domain specific languages for combinatorial optimization. In addition, he is Associate Department Head for CSE and is co-Director of CSI and C3, two Cybersecurity focused Centers.

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