Software Technology Exchange Workshop 2017

Join STEW, Swedsoft’s annual conference hosted by KTH. Registration open to Oct 4.

Tid: On 2017-10-18 kl 10.00 - To 2017-10-19 kl 17.00

Plats: KTH, House D, Room E1, Lindstedtsvägen 3

Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW, is Swedsoft’s annual conference with the purpose to encourage and promote cooperation between industry and academia, cooperation within industry, and cooperation with the public sector, to visualize research results and stimulate new cooperations in the area of software technology.

This year’s conference has a broad program of presentations from both industry and academia. In this years progam you can find subjects such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence in smart sustainable societies
  • What happens when offshore teams are on-boarded in complex evolving software-intensive products?
  • More Efficient Testing and a Higher Quality Software Product – How to Achieve Both?

Register no later than October 4th.

Workshop Organizers

Rikard Andersson [Swedsoft/ Ericsson AB], Gabriel Modéus [Swedsoft], Kristian Sandahl [LIU], Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi [Addalot], Mehrdad Saadatmand [SICS], Jonas Wisbrant [LTH, LU], Fredrick Rybarczyk [Stickybit], Karl Meinke [KTH], Teresia Holmqvist [Swedsoft]

Karl Meinke
Karl Meinke, bitr. avd. chef/ professor +4687906337
2017-10-18T10:00 2017-10-19T17:00 Software Technology Exchange Workshop 2017 Software Technology Exchange Workshop 2017
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