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Traffic Management

  • AQSensor 2:  air quality sensing for estimation and control of traffic-induced emissions
    This project aims for accurate measurement of traffic conditions and their environmental impacts.
  • Evaluation of the impact on capacity at incidents
    In this project the aim is to propose empirically well-founded relationships between different types of incidents, capacity and traffic efficiency for motorways.
  • Multimodal Traffic Management (MMTL)
    The project aims to develop new methods for estimating travel demand as well as mode and route choice for multimodal traffic management. Potential effects of multimodal traffic management will also be analyzed in the project.
  • Next generation motorway traffic control
    In this project, the overall goal is to support the Swedish Road Administration in the implementation of the development of the MCS in Stockholm.
  • POST
    “Prediction and scenario-based traffic management ” is based on the Mobile Millennium system for real-time estimation and short-term prediction of traffic situations. The plan for the continuation project POST2 is to continue to develop the framework by improving the components.
Belongs to: Centre for Traffic Research (CTR)
Last changed: Aug 25, 2021