Ongoing activities

Thesis work, course assignments, long term research projects and other news. Read about current projects and happenings in the Smart Mobility Lab here.

SML getting a new autonomous vehicle platform

Through the years, SML has maintained and used sevaral vehicle platforms for our research and education purposes. This year, our research engineer Xiao Chen is setting up a new autonomous vehicle platform for the purpose of having a single platform for all usage. This vehicle is build based on the newly released Traxxas Trx-4 with outstanding vehicle performance, equiped with Nvidia powerful process unit Jetson tx2 and state of art sensor units.

Wish to learn more about our new platform? stay tuned for more information of the developing process and upcoming platform site.

InterLink Project

SML is working closely together with veridict on the INTERLINK project for automated transport demostration. The project is aimed at optimizing resource utilization of automated transport modes by connecting and linking them with existing public transport through cloud-based transport network. Through a logical data connection, cooperation can be made where, for example dynamic departures of automated vehicles can be planned.

For more information about the project and upcoming project demostration stay tuned.

SML race team for the upcoming F1/10 competition

This year the F1/10 Autonomous Racing Competition is going to be hold at CPS Week in Porto. The competition involves designing, building, and testing an autonomous 1/10th scale F1 race car all while learning about perception, planning, and control for autonomous navigation. SML is very happy to organizing our own student team to participate in this year's competition.

For more information about the competition and our racing team please continue reading in the following link: F1/10 Autonomous Racing

MPC Design for autonomous drifting

MSc student Corvin Kück with the F1tenth Vehicle platform ready for his thesis work

MSc Corvin Kück is carrying out his thesis project at SML using the F1tenth vehicle platform. The goal of this thesis work is to design an MPC control for autonomous vehicle drifting. continue reading here

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