Safety Regulations

All teachers, researchers, students and guests that perform work in the Smart Mobility Lab Safety must obey the following rules:

  • Before working in the lab you need to sign the safety regulations and get instructions from someone in the staff;
  • You must read, understand the ITRL safety regulations (found in the “first-aid” cabinet in the office area of ITRL, “Safety regulations for employees and students at Machine Design, ITM”;
  • You must read and understand the “Safety routines at KTH Transport Labs” (posted on the glass door between the lab halls and the office space);
  • You must know where to find and how to use fire extinguishers and first-aid equipment;
  • You must know how to safely use and operate the equipment, either by reading the documented manuals (which you can find here ) or by instruction from the staff;
    In particular:
    • Use the safety net when flying quadrocopters;
    • Use the correct voltage and current settings when charging the LIPO batteries, and put them in the RFI LIPO-SAFE bag;
    • Never climb ladders when alone in the lab, and always secure the ladder when climbing;
  • When you leave the lab: turn off the lights, close the curtains, lock the door, and disconnect all charging batteries.

For more information, contact Rui Oliveira  or Jonas Mårtensson .

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