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KTH student team selected to fly their experiment on a rocket

New REXUS team from KTH

B2D2 team at ESTEC
Published Dec 14, 2019

A team of KTH students was selected to participate in the 13th cycle of the REXUS/BEXUS programme.

REXUS/BEXUS programme  offers student teams a unique opportunity to design, build and fly their experiment on a sounding rocket. The rocket is launched from Esrange space base near Kiruna, and reaches an altitude of over 80 km before re-entering the atmosphere. 

A team of KTH students is supervised by N. Ivchenko and G. Tibert. In hard competition with student teams from across Europe, the KTH team has secured the place to fly their experiment on REXUS-30 rocket, to be launched in early 2021. The B2D2 ("Bistable boom dynamic deployment") experiment will demonstrate a deployable boom with magnetic sensors, to be used for science-grade measurement of magnetic field on small space probes. 

See more details on ESA's news update . The progress of the B2D2 team can be followed on Facebook  and Instagram .

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