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Access to the labs of EME

The procedure of granting access to the labs is tightened to a stricter form described below.

Access is granted on a "need-to-have" basis. If you or your students have activities requiring the lab facilities, please contact Janne Nilsson to discuss them well in advance. The operating times for students and visitors in the lab are during weekdays between 08:00 and 18:00. KTH staff members may use the facilities outside of operating hours with limitations agreed and decided by lab responsible.

N.B. To be allowed access you must have completed the Lab safety course available here

When requesting access for yourself, KTH students or visiting researchers who will be working in the lab please supply the following:

  • Full name
  • KTH email address
  • KTH access card number
  • Last date for access (by agreement with supervisor)*
  • Name and telephone number to contact in an emergency
  • Completed safety course (supervisor does registration)
  • Submit a signed safety acknowledgement as part of the course
  • Inform that the operating hours for the lab are strictly 08:00 - 18:00 on weekdays
  • Completed user poster (individual, group) showing the relevant information*

* Not required for staff

Users who are not KTH staff or students need some extra steps:

  • Send us the visitor's full name & personal number so we can order a KTH-ID and access card
  • Visitor personally collects the KTH-ID and access card at KTH Entré
  • Follow the steps above

Supervisors of students or visitors working in one of the locked lab rooms will need to request a KCG key from access coordinator Janne Nilsson. Be sure to agree upon a return date for the key and set a calendar reminder to make sure that the key is returned to access coordinator.

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