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Electrical machines and drives

Electrical systems transfer electricity which is mostly produced and consumed by rotating electrical machines. Further, the use of electric and hybrid electric drivelines in both passenger and heavy vehicles is now commonplace and with a continuously growing market share. At the same time, increased computational power and novel control algorithms enable opportunities to reduce energy consumption and/or improving various performance metrics of electric drives. Electrical machines and electric drives are therefore a vital part of the future electrical ecosystem in the global quest towards solutions to environmental challenges.

 In the electrical machine and drive research group, we are analysing and developing novel concepts and technologies aimed at enabling energy savings and cost reductions in the field of electric machinery and electric drives (including their control). This applied research field includes both theoretical analysis as well as experimental evaluation in the division’s well-equipped laboratory. We are collaborating with a wide range of industrial and academic actors and are always interested in establishing new, collaborative research initiatives.

The group’s present research activities can be divided in the following areas:

Automotive and railway traction applications

The activities encompass design and analysis of novel electric machinery and electric drives for traction applications as well as corresponding auxiliaries. In recent years, focus has been put on modular converter and machine concepts in order to realize compact integrated electric drives. Further, design of electric machinery taking production aspects into account and the interaction between battery systems and power electronic loads are presently being investigated.

Industrial drives

Within the field of electric drives used in industrial applications, activities within the group include development of new control algorithms for control of electric drives, design and analysis of high-speed electric machinery used in industrial hand tools and the analysis of collaborative networks of electric machinery used in larger industrial plants.


Senior research engineer

Affiliated faculty, ABB


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PhD students

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Industrial PhD students

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Guest PhD students

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